F-Gas Training (City & Guilds)
Category 1, (4 Days)

Who will benefit from this training?

Newcomers to the Industry, Apprentices, Career Changing & Up-Skilling Engineers and persons who wish to work within the Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Industry.

The course covers all practical and theoretical aspects to successfully complete the City & Guilds 2079 F-Gas & Ozone Depleting Substances Certification Course.

The aim of this unit is to provide the candidate with the knowledge and practical skills required to undertake leak checking, recovery, installation, service and maintenance of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning and heat-pump equipment that contains refrigerants which are classified as either fluorinated (F) gases or ozone-depleting substances (ODS) to meet Category I theoretical and practical requirements.

Successful candidates will demonstrate the application of practical skills to successfully fabricate and examine pipework, undertake pressure testing, evacuation and record completion, refrigerant charging, leak checking and record keeping, and recover refrigerants and oil and preparation for disposal.

Successful candidates will be qualified to undertake leak checking, recovery, installation, service and maintenance of equipment.

Practical learning outcomes for this unit include.

Identify basic systems, terms, principles, units and how these relate to theory and thermodynamics of vapour compression cycles and refrigerants

Identify the causes and effects of global warming and climate change

Identify the causes and effects of ozone depletion

Identify stationary refrigerant, air conditioning and heat-pump system components, functions and leakage risk

Identify the hazards and safe working practices for the installation, commissioning and handling of refrigerants

Fabricate and examine pipework

Undertake pressure testing, evacuation and record completion

Undertake refrigerant charging, leak checking and record keeping

Undertake recovery of refrigerant and oil and prepare for disposal.

(Information Source, City & Guilds).

Assessment Type:

Closed Book Multiple Choice Exam (40 questions) 80 mins

Practical Assessment


I am a new comer to the air conditioning and refrigeration industry, what qualification will I need to make a start in this field?The F Gas course is the safe handling of refrigerants qualification and is the legal minimum requirement if you work with or intend to work with systems containing refrigerants.

I have been in the air conditioning industry and refrigeration for many years, do I still need to update to the 2079 F-Gas qualification?

Absolutely. Any person maintaining, installing or working with any type of systems containing refrigerant must hold a current F-Gas Certificate to be meet the legislative requirements in both the UK and throughout Europe.

We recommend that you attend the 4-day City & Guilds 2078/11 F-Gas course as you will need to cover the theory behind the systems.

Do many people fail the F-Gas Course?

No, they do not, it is quite rare for candidates attending F-Gas Training with ACR Training to fail an assessment.

ACR Training only run small class sizes of up to 4 candidates which gives the tutors enough time to spend with each candidate to ensure that candidate learning issues are identified quickly and additional resources applied to help support candidates.

Why is your F-Gas Training course only 4 days when most F-Gas training courses are 5 days?

ACR Training only runs small class sizes of up to 4 candidates as a maximum. We do this to enable us to provide a greater degree of one to one training to candidates rather than having larger class sizes of up to 10 or 12 candidates where tutor time is stretched across a greater number of candidates. Running smaller class sizes allows us to focus on your individual training needs and allows us to better tailor your training to you.

Will I still need to renew my F-Gas qualification every 5 years?

No, ACR offer the City and Guilds 2079 F-Gas qualification, the qualification does not expire so it does not have to be renewed like other F-Gas qualifications such as CITB J11/12 etc.

Is the City & Guilds F-Gas qualification just an update on the old safe handling qualification?

The F Gas course is not just an update of the old 2078 Safe Handling qualification, it is a completely new qualification and is very much more involved.

The new qualification includes an in-depth look at systems efficiency, Kyoto & Montreal Protocols, indirect emissions pressure enthalpy and much more.

Is there any recommended reading that I should look through before attending your training course?

It is always beneficial to have some prior knowledge and In some cases, this can be helpful, however, to avoid any confusion, we suggest that you do not read, or revise, any of the subjects we teach too much before attending the training course unless this is supplied by ACR Training and relevant to the training course that you are planning to attend.

Our training courses are designed in such away, unless otherwise mentioned, to take a candidate from any level through to passing the exam on any given training course.

What are course times?

Training courses usually run from 09:00 - 16:30 daily, with an hour lunch break. Details are provided within the joining instructions sent out prior to the training course start date.