ACR - 10 Years of Training Excellence!

ACR – 10 Years of Training Excellence!

Where does the time go?is a question we hear often along with ‘Time flies when you are having fun!‘, both of which we can actually apply to the last 10 years. So, where has the time gone? and were we having fun? Absolutely!

Founded by current Managing Director Steve Walker, M.Inst.R. in 2013, ACR Refrigeration Training, this year, has reached a 10-year company milestone and with an operating ethos that training should always be about the learners and never about the company, and by never letting the class numbers overshadow the quality of the training provided, has culminated in steady year-on-year growth.

The success of ACR Training is undoubtedly attributed to and driven by the highly skilled engineering and training team, who between them have some 120 years of hands-on experience. Having smaller class sizes than most mainstream learning centres ensures that our tutors can quickly get to know learners, recognise their personal strengths and identify areas for development to ensure that all training is tailored specifically to each individual learner’s needs.

Our training style is very simple and based on deliberately small class sizes of up to 4 candidates, enabling us to provide a much higher degree of One-to-One training for every candidate.

Steve Walker (M.Inst.R.)

Having witnessed some seriously inadequate practices being carried out by experienced engineers, it became our goal to set up a practical training site to train both newcomers to the industry and upskill existing engineers to a standard that our industry absolutely deserved and demanded and for us, that started with training operatives in the safe handling of refrigerants, or as it is commonly known, F-Gas Training.

We decided to buck the trend by taking the time to assess the needs of each individual candidate and tailoring their training to those specific needs which we knew would lead to fewer availability of places per course but ultimately this would also enable us to provide a greater degree of one-to-one training to every single learner.

After teaming up with the Awarding bodies, City & Guilds and BESA Accreditation, and undergoing some stringent acceptance processes, ACR Training was finally set up to deliver refrigeration and air conditioning skills including F-Gas & Hydrocarbon refrigerant training and to stay abreast of the latest safe working practices and procedures within the RAC industry.

Recently, with the introduction of heat pumps as a primary heating system for domestic and commercial properties, the RAC industry is experiencing an influx of engineers from other trades and engineering backgrounds looking to upskill to include heat pump installations and maintenance to add to their portfolios. It is absolutely crucial that they have access to the best type of industry training possible, and when it comes to learning new skills, it does not get much better than one-to-one training.

ACR’s One to One training model ensures that learners leave ACR Training with a greater understanding of subject knowledge and they feel confident in their abilities to put their new practical skills into action.

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